Terast mis hangund me hinge

10218 CD


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1. Sissejuhatus
2. Veresulased
3. Hundiraev
4. Terasetuli
5. Mõõk
6. Terast mis hangund me hinge
7. Metsaviha 1
8. Metsaviha 2
9. Põhjatuulte pojad ja tütred
10. Oma laulu ei leia ma üles

These songs were first recorded here in 1999. at the end, when the rage in the hearts of the three men no longer allowed the music born in the minus degrees of the basement rehearsal room to elevate its own senses. As opportunities were still scarce at that time, the efforts of Markus, Andrus and Silver remained a small but still green piece of iron in the Estonian metal music landscape.
Now the times have passed – the musicians have changed, the ideas have hardened, the possibilities have expanded, and the old songs are in a new glory in front of you, recorded as they sounded in Metsatöll’s minds years ago.
“Steel that hangs our souls” are the experiences of an ancient Estonian on the verge of eternity of the distant past and the struggle to remain oneself from ancient times to the present day, through the eyes of a faithful companion – a wolf. Not a moment of surrender from start to finish. The steel stuck in the heart, the power and skills of the grandparents, the tears that burst from nobility, not sadness, meet in the listener like a primordial force and a soul-deep sound. It is all a sense of togetherness that binds the work together into one whole, one fist clenched into a sword.