Katk kutsariks

10232 LP


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1. Before
2. Plague Coachman
3. Ebavere
4. Strong as Iron
5. The Ballad of Red Ribbons
6. Teeth of Winter
7. Root of Evil
8. The Pledge
9. Woodwrath 4
10. Woodwrath 4
11. Defending sacred home groves
12. Lemming’s Lullaby

“Stay, companion, and think of the journey which you began when you first opened your eyes. It is you who is the coachman. And the horse you are too, and the burden you are carrying. But if you were ever to forget why the devil are you on this road, the Plague itself will seize the reins. Be you then prepared to suffer the consequences: the ones who sow the wind will have to reap the storm.”