"PAEAN - Livium - "
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1. Illusive Imprisonment (6:04)
2. Crimson Seas (4:06)
3. Awakening (6:30)
4. Impending Sacrifice/Fall of the False Lords (11:10)
“Livium” is the debut of young Estonian progressive metal group Paean. The EP contains elements of extreme metal and ambient music, all of which brings a powerful and unique musical experience to the listener, accompanied by an intriguing concept.
„Livium“ was recorded during various sessions from June to October 2011 at Roundsound studio and Sound Fortress studio.
Produced by Heiko Rüütel and Keijo Koppel
Engineered by Paean at Sound Fortress studio and Keijo Koppel at Roundsound studio
Mixed and mastered by Keijo Koppel at Roundsound studio
Paean logo by Liis Öövel
Cover designed by Erik Hallik
Photos by Kristjan Lepp
Graphic design by Luix
„Livium“ story and lyrics by Kevin Rändi, Heiko Rüütel and Endrik Salak
Music by Heiko Rüütel